Annotations #1: 1 – 8



Krause, Steven D. (2019). A post about an admittedly not thought out idea: very low-bar access

A blog post about Open Educational Material and MOOCs as well as the issues associated with it. It discusses the downside of free content which includes a lower bar set for entrance, lower commitment and follow through due to not paying for information. It also includes problems with the author loosing control of her/his material.


REID, ALEX. English Studies in the post-digital world.

How to be competitive in a post-digital world that creates problems such as “DARQ” technologies, privacy busting capacity of corporations, Understanding employees as “human+,” cybersecurity and logistics. The solution is to address curriculum design, hiring and professional development, DARQ instructional and compositional technologies and logistics. Video on the five elements in a post-digital era.


Torill Mortensen, Elvira (2019). Should we teach every buzzword? The example of growth hacking.

Discusses “Growth hacking” and terminology needed to help students for life after education in professional fields of interest. Difficult to get all the growth hacking terms for all areas and that term will be outdated by the time a book is written about growth hacking. Mortensen tends to write articles that pose questions without solid solutions.


Krause, Steven D. (2019). Classroom Tech Bans Are Bullshit (or are they?): My next/current project.

Krause discusses his upcoming study about the use benefits of using pen and paper over technology or not. Links to articles in support of hand writing notes. Discusses benefits of technology in the classroom too.


Krause, Steven D. (2016). Big Data(s), Small World(s).

Link to “survey that’s been going on (on and off) for a few years of over 1,300 students at a bunch of different colleges and universities about their use of “composing technologies.” Found writing pedagogy not keeping up with new technology. Links to other projects and studies, including top 10 reading list that is similar to 50 years ago. Excellent article.


Karuse, Steven D. (2015).

Overview of Digital Humanities (DH) and links to other articles and people associated with it. Scholars are now claiming dominion over DH when it’s been around for decades and briefly discusses its evolution.


Reid, Alex (2019). The Robot Ready Humanities.

Article includes several graphs and charts that illustrate text about evolution of education and job market for the humanities. Discusses various jobs, educational requirements, and employment state of students after college.


Reid, Alex (2019). Hold Me Closer Tiny Rhetorian.

Discusses the multitude of of tiny rhetoric theories instead of the big or general theories which has the capability to unite. The thousands of tiny rhetoric do not unite. Reid looks at it in terms of emerging “digital technologies, which presupposes some posthuman/nonhuman/new materialist approach.”

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